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Technical data:

Finish: UV lacquer
Texture: Distressed
Gloss level: Matt
Thickness: 14-2mm top
Width: 190mm
Length: 1900mm
Plank design: Tongue&groove 8 layer multi-ply core
Pack size: 6 pieces/pack 2.166sqm
Pack weight:


  • Lifetime Structural Warranty
  • 20 Year Limited Surface Warranty

Important tips

  • Never flood the floor with water.
  • Do not use soap-based detergents, as these may leave a dull finish on your floor.
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners, steel wool or scouring powder, as these may scratch your floor.
  • Never wax, polish, sand or lacquer Laminate Floor.
  • Use doormats outside each entrance to your home to prevent dirt, sand, grit and other substances such as oil, asphalt and driveway sealer from being tracked onto your floor.
  • For furnishings, use wide-bearing, non-staining floor protectors, such as clear, hard plastic or non-staining felt protectors, for heavy furnishings.
  • Promptly remove all liquid spills, including pet urine.

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