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Spotted gum 125mm wide

Pre-finished engineered 1860x125x14mm

Blackbutt 125mm wide

Pre-finished engineered 1860x125x14mm

Blackbutt 189mm wide

Pre-finished engineered 1860x189x14mm

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A professionally installed hardwood floor will add three important things to your home; Aesthetics, Durability, and Value. There’s no questioning the beauty of a hardwood floor. A quality installation turns a hardwood floor into a work of art. Hardwood floors now combine the beauty of the past with modern advancements. Quality factory finished hardwood comes with an ultraviolet cured aluminum oxide finish, which is extremely durable. This same finish can also be applied during a site finish using modern equipment. Added durability and beauty drive value. New hardwood floors are an investment that translates value into appreciation for your home.

Solid hardwood is considered a sound investment by many homeowners -- they can be sanded and refinished multiple times over decades -- and has made hardwood the preferred choice of flooring for centuries.

Hardwoods have a more complex structure than softwoods and are often much slower growing as a result. As the name suggests, the wood from these trees is generally harder than that of softwoods. We use janka rating to measure the density and resistance of wood to denting or breakage. The test measures the force required to embed a steel ball 11mm thick to half of its diameter into the timber.

Janka ratings are recorded in kilonewtons (kN) so the higher the rating the more resistant to denting and wear the timber is. The rankings of timbers available in the Boral flooring range are as follows: Grey Ironbark (14.0), Red Ironbark (14.0), Red Mahogany (12.0), Spotted Gum (11.0), Brushbox (9.5), Blackbutt (9.1), Sydney Bluegum (9.0), Jarrah (9.0), Australian Chestnut (8.1), and Tasmanian Oak (7.0).

All wood flooring is vulnerable to moisture and should be properly protected as even small amounts of water can deteriorate the material. For this reason, hardwood flooring is not always suitable for bathrooms or laundry rooms where moisture and spills happen frequently.

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